Amanda the Swan has found a new home

Amanda Erika finds a new home

Injured City Park swan has recovered 

In February 2013 City Park black swan, named Amanda Erika, was badly injured while protecting her nest of 6 eggs. Her eggs were crushed by a depraved individual..


She was brought to the West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic and Bird Hospital in Metairie. Doctor Gregory Rich and his staff spent much time caring for her and taking care of her injured and infected leg.


Seeing that surgery was the best answer if Amanda Erika was to survive, Dr. Rich enlisted the help of Southeast Veterinary Specialist’s Dr. Rose Lemarie and Dr. Kenneth Ranson.


Swans typically are known to be territorial animals; but not Amanda Erika. She has a sweet and passive personality.


She was certainly a favorite with City Park patrons who were shocked and saddened to hear about the attack on her and her eggs. Support poured into the Park via Facebook, donations, and notes & letters.

Amanda Erika spent 10 months at the Veterinary clinics. While there the staff definitely made attachments to this sweet swan. She had multiple surgeries and physical therapy including water therapy.


After the many months and ample therapy, we’re happy to say Amanda Erika is now strong enough to swim and walk (with a limp). Yesterday, Amanda Erika was brought to a private Northshore pond where she will be protected and loved. We like to say she’s entered the ‘witness protection program’ as we won’t be mentioning exactly where her new home is. We can tell you it’s with a loving family who has other birds including ducks and geese.


While the Park is sad to not have Amanda Erika back in the Park, we’re confident Amanda Erika will love her new home.


“We’ll miss her at the Park, but are so thankful she’s doing better. We are also eternally grateful to Drs. Rich, Lemarie, Ranson, and their staffs.” said John Hopper, “Amanda Erika could go on to live another 20 to 25 years.”



3 thoughts on “Amanda the Swan has found a new home

  1. I am shocked that humans are so mean & abusive to creatures that have done nothing to them. I hope that Karma finds them and deals with them . I am very happy that she has found a place that will keep her safe from the creeps … Thank You so much to the vet & everyone involved in helping her to recover . God Bless all of you ! ❤

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