Trees for Wildlife in City Park


On May 24, middle school students from KIPP Central City Academy joined City Park’s volunteer manager, Earl, in planting 500 bald cypress trees in the Park’s Couturie Forest.  The trees were generously provided by the National Wildlife Federation’s Trees for Wildlife program


Despite the ant hills and the warm weather, the student volunteers had a great time learning about the importance of trees while clearing ragweed and then planting the bare root bald cypress.  As these trees grow taller, they will help increase the tree canopy of Couturie Forest and out-compete invasive species, like Giant Ragweed, that took over the Forest after Hurricane Katrina.  The students also learned lots about how to take care of trees. 


Thanks to the National Wildlife Federation and to KIPP Central Academy for making City Park a better park for people and wildlife!



Written by:

Linzey Powers, Grants Manager




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