Praline and Lad LOVE City Bark! Woof Woof!

It may not feel like it, but spring is right around the corner. I can tell you that all of these gray skies and chilly days are giving my dogs (and me) the blues. I’ve got the perfect solution!

If you’ve never been to the City Bark dog park in New Orleans City Park, I promise you that it will only take one visit before you and your canine family members are hooked. Located on the corner of Zachary Taylor and Diagonal Drive, City Bark boasts a beautifully landscaped play area with hills for running, a sandy area for rolling around in, and assorted “tubs” to lounge. There’s also a separate area for small dogs, in case the little dogs get a little overwhelmed! When your dogs are finished playing, there is a convenient wash area where you can get your dog cleaned up and ready for the ride home. For the humans, there are sheltered picnic tables, restrooms, and soda machines.

Lad is my little Sheltie mix. He’s all of 20 lbs and his nickname is ‘Rocket Lad’. He’s super-fast and City Bark is his favorite place in the world! When I tell him we’re going, I have to step back and wait a few minutes as he gets so excited. He absolutely quivers with excitement and jumps straight up and down in the air, twisting his body around like a circus dog, for about 30 seconds. When he can compose himself and can sit for 5 seconds, I put his leash on him. (One more step closer to the dog park.)

Praline is my 13 year old Yellow Lab. She is slow moving, but when she hears we’re going to City Bark, well, let me say that is the fastest she moves these days! Her massive tail whacks everything in its way; usually that’s Lad. (Two steps closer to the dog park.)

After piling into the car and pulling up to City Bark, Lad is shaking all over. He can hardly contain himself. The wait is over! As soon as we open the gates he is off and running, often with a pack of very large dogs three times his size running behind him. (They can’t ever catch him.) Praline stays within three feet of me, every now and then looking up at me as if to say, “Children.”

After an hour of socializing and play, they both like to cool off in one of the City Bark tubs. One quick towel-dry and we’re back headed for home, where they snooze the afternoon away.


City Bark is a perfect way to get your dogs out to have some fun, meet new friends, and get a lot of exercise!

I hope you’ll come out and join the fun. An annual pass may be purchased at our Administration Building at 1 Palm Dr. For more information on the dog park, please visit

-Sue Barocco

Director of Recreational Services